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Breaking New Ground


New Products, New Techniques

We welcome the challenge of manufacturing a new product, especially one with little or no production precedent! With an adaptable plant and personnel, we apply specialized techniques in handling unfamiliar materials to create a new and different conversion item. Once initial composition is achieved, Label Innovation works with our customer to continuously improve the product, particularly in the area of cost.


Process Control & Quality Assurance

Using our business objective of maximum supplier-buyer integration, Label Innovation has developed process control and quality assurance arrangements with a number of its customers. These superior controls and arrangements, natural to a first-rate converting firm, allow customers with special needs to go a BIG step further. Developing documented process and quality specifications, and being rigorously evaluated on the resulting performance is where LINC truly becomes a branch plant and part of our customer's supply-chain management system.


Highest Standards

We are committed to continuous improvement. We consistently train and upgrade our employees' skills and remain current with new developments in technology and equipment. We are ISO 9001 certified and maintain the highest standards in safety and industrial hygiene practices. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is regularly reviewed and updated, thus ensuring LINC's continuing pursuit of perfection.


Customer Service is a Partner Obligation

Experience has taught us that a strong partnership leads to trust, confidence, security, and peace of mind for our customers. These value-added factors derive from having a quality product and excellent service.  LINC is frequently praised for emergency assistance and quick turn-around, where the impossible is routine. We also offer raw and finished material inventory management, delivery due-date and quantity forecasting. From initial consult to after sales follow-up, first-class client service is LINC's obligation to our business partners. It's our way of breaking new ground.

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Let us help you with innovative custom converting and component manufacturing solutions. Call 1-877-247-9200 to learn more.


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